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The plans, designs, dimensions and elevations are as given by the developer / builder. The images are artistic impressions and purely for representation purposes. The same may be subject to changes/revisions/alterations in terms of approvals, orders, directions and/or regulations of the concerned/relevant authorities, and/or for compliance with laws/regulations in force from time to time.

All the images, visuals, materials and information contained herein are purely creative/artistic concepts and may not be actual representations of the product and/or any amenities. None of the above may be construed to form any basis of, or serve as an inducement or invitation for payment of any advance and/or deposit, to be made by a prospective customer, under relevant provisions of law or otherwise.

For more information refer to RERA website

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  • Representation Images are not actual project images and are strictly for representational purposes only.
  • Artist’s impression of Elevation, sketch elevation, External spaces, Common amenities, Internal spaces, apartments, Clubhouse, landscaping, lobby, gym, kids area, swimming pool, are strictly for representational purposes only. The render/s used are an artist’s impression of possible appearance and is/are not accurate and/or complete. The colours, shades of walls, tiles etc. are for representational purposes and will vary in planning and designing and upon actual construction. All features, landscaping, fixtures, fittings, goods, accessories and furniture reflected/displayed in this image(s) are strictly for illustrative and display purposes only and are not part of the standard final amenities and finishes. The render for internal spaces is to only act as an example of suggested space management and possible utilization of the space, and such internal spaces will not have the amenities, fixtures and fittings therein.
  • The layouts / plans are not to scale. The furniture / fixtures etc. shown in the image are representational (not actual) in nature and are only for the purpose of illustrating /reflecting a possible layout and do not form a part of the standard specifications, amenities, services, etc. to be provided in respect of the flat. All specifications of the flat shall be as per the agreement for sale (if any) between the parties.

Customers are requested to refer to the sanctioned plans for the project/phase/complex. For further details visit RERA website

Information is prepared and issued in good faith and for guidance only. It does not constitute part of an offer or contract. The recipient or user is responsible to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any opinions, advice, services or other information provided. All information are distributed with the understanding that the authors, publishers, and distributors are not rendering professional service or advice or opinions on facts or matters, and assume no liability whatsoever in connection therewith. You may seek opinion of your own legal or tax advisor or real estate expert. For further information on the registered projects please refer to RERA  website

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